We're on a mission to make privacy accessible to every business.

Privacyboard was born out of the realization that most small and medium-sized businesses don't have the knowledge to comply with GDPR on their own, nor the money to get help from a law firm.

These companies have a real need for an intuitive and affordable solution to protect the privacy of their users.

Our team has helped dozens of companies become GDPR compliant as consultant and now we're excited to empower thousands more to do the same with our automated solution.

The Privacyboard Story.

GDPR Unpack launch
Privacyboard story started with GDPR Unpack, a Notion template that helped small companies comply with the GDPR.
Rating SaaS compliance
In 2021, we create Privacyboard as a privacy compliance rating agency for SaaS companies. Despite a great start we realize that we don't want to build a agency.
Privacyboard becomes Privacyboard
2 years after GDPR Unpack's launch, we still acquire new users every week despite almost no marketing effort. We realize there's a real need for an intuitive GDPR compliance tool.

Built around the world.

Current office.
Next stop?
It all started in Bali.
Spent a few weeks in Porto working 27/7 on Privacyboard.

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Privacyboard helps you comply with GDPR easily so you can focus on what's really important for your business.
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